About ME

Animator & Brazilian Jiu-jitsu fighter. Working professionally for over 6 years in London and Berlin. I've had the pleasure of working with some of the best studios and directors in animation today, including The Line, Moth Collective, Golden Wolf, ETC, Karrot Animation, Cartoon Network & BBC.

I've also been practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu for 5+ years, a form of submission grappling. Creating the BAIN brand was a natural progression, making a platform to merge my love for design, with my passion for martial arts.

  • Arts Institute At Bournemouth Graduate BA(hons) in Animation Production
  • 6+ years working professionally in London/Berlin
  • Core skills: After Effects & PS, design and animation
  • 5+ years training BJJ. Purple Belt
  • BAIN apparel & fightwear founder


For animation enquiries please email me at: harj.s.bains@gmail.com or use the form below.


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